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How do I do standing back extensions?

How do I do standing back extensions?

Back extensions have been shown to be one of the best preventative movements we can do for our low back. It loves it. Why? Our backs love to extend but often in our modern lifestyle we don't give it the opportunity, spending most of our time bent forwards, sitting and lifting. Bending back (or extending) is a rare occurrence but if we do it is linked with significantly lower levels of back pain. 

So how do I back bend?

After sitting, bending forwards, or lifting something;

1. Put your hands on lower back
2. Keep your knees straight
3. Breathe in and then
4. Breathe out slowly and bend backwards as far as you are comfortable 

Repeat 1-10x, and multiple times throughout the day. 

Let me know how you get on with this in the comments. 

- Bart

p.s. To learn more about the back bend take a look at this article which goes into more detail. 

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