Back pain is the #1 cause of disability globally and it doesn't need to be.

Our first goal is to halve back pain by 2050 through creating a way of living and working where movement happens without conscious effort and people have the skills to prevent and manage pain when it arrives.

Products that liberate movement, habits that prevent back pain, knowledge that improves recovery and a new way of living, the Limber Life.

We have started by creating what UC Berkeley professors are calling " The world's healthiest desks" bringing movement to a whole new level at work. Creating courses to make floor postures common place and democratise ergonomics plus a resource centre to help people with back pain. Sign up to our movement movement here to get your Limber Life started.

Meet the

Physio Behind Limber


Bart de Vries

Bart de Vries is a Physiotherapist, Edmund Hillary Fellow, and the founder of Limber. Bart honed his expertise in the science of health, performance and behaviour change during his time as a professional hockey player and physio to professional athletes and those rurning to work after injury or chronic back pain.

Personal back pain from the age of 12 inspired Bart's journey into physiotherapy and continues to fuel his passion for finding ways to improve the back pain experience for others.