Working From The Floor (Course)

Floor Postures & working from the floor are the new frontier of being healthier at work. It turns a workday from something that harms us into something that can help us. In this course you will learn everything you need to know to get the most out of working from the floor and feel confident in any active resting floor posture. If you don't like this course we will give you your money back.

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Use floor postures to move more during your workday

Floor postures are the new frontier of health and performance at work. In this course we teach you how to harness floor postures to mobilise your hips and feet, strengthen your legs and back and increase your energy and focus at work.

Bart de Vries


Bart de Vries

Physiotherapist, Edmund Hillary Fellow and ergonomics pioneer. Bart's knowledge of ergonomics, human health and workspace design lead him to create what UC Berkeley professors call the world's healthiest desks. His work is inspiring a new frontier of research in ergonomics and ways of working to improve people's health, productivity and reduce back pain (currently the #1 cause of lost workplace productivity).

Course outcomes

  1. Understand how to use the floor to bring more movement diversity into your day at work
  2. Understand what Active Resting Floor Postures are and how to use them safely
  3. Learn the benefits of each Active Resting Floor Posture to know which is best for you
  4. Be able to adapt a Floor Posture to make it more or less challenging to suit your current flexibility
  5. Learn one movement that can halve your chances of getting back pain

How it works

1. Get access

Course access will get emailed to you so you can start immediately.

2. Watch & do

The first four videos take you through the fundamentals of floor postures.

3. Dive into the library

Learn the details of each Floor Postures and start using the best ones for you.

Course overview

Customer Reviews

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M.C. (Wellington, NZ)
Worth it for the top tip!

You need to get this course purely for the one tip alone on halving chances of getting back pain. The floor posture explanations are great, even though you may sit in them naturally having the detail gives you confidence to continue doing them even if you're inflexible. Also great that Bart is still working on his floor posture journey, again makes you feel you can do it too.

Esther Harcourt (Wellington, NZ)
Working from the Floor has given me the confidence to get the most out of my Limber desk

Bart is a natural teacher. I never knew how many floor postures were possible! I feel that I can now get the most of the Limber mini desk and stool I bought a year ago. I now have the confidence to keep the desk on the floor, whereas it has mainly been serving me as a standing desk.