Limber expands into Australia

Limber expands into Australia

Dynamic Desk Company Limber is expanding, offering Australians working from home a chance to beat back pain and move more while they work. 

Limber has been serving New Zealand customers for the past 6 years with its Petal and Linear desk products along with the Mini launched last year. 

Limber physio and founder Bart de Vries said the expansion to Australia was an obvious next step.

“We get asked repeatedly if we can ship to Australia, now we can”

He said that from a back pain perspective, Australia is in a similar boat to New Zealand. 

“8/10 of people get back pain in their lifetime. It’s the number 1 cause of disability globally and it’s driven in large part by people sitting at their desks all day at work. The way to combat back pain is to move more while we work rather than just sitting or standing. That is exactly what Limber is here to help us all do”.   

Bart at Limber Mini

De Vries said with the post Covid move to flexible working people don’t have their home offices set up to beat back pain. “A lot of people have made do with what they have at home, which was great for lockdowns but is causing more back and neck pain than we have seen before” 

Limber has launched the Limber Mini Dynamic floor sitting and standing desk to help Australian customers to move more while they work and beat back pain. 

“Using the Limber Mini to sit on the floor when we work from home means we can use active resting postures which keep our backs strong and hips flexible. And our backs love it.” 

People using the limber Mini floor sitting and standing

All of Limber's Desks are made from sustainably forested wood and the Mini comes with a lifetime warranty. 

“We want our products to have as little impact on the environment as possible and also to stand the test of time”. 

He said that following the Australian launch Limber would be looking to expand further. 

“We are on a mission to halve the global disability caused from back pain by 2050, so that means we need to get to as many people as possible with solutions to back and neck issues.”

He hinted that this would be more than just a physical product offering but could not provide any further details.  

Limber has over 1000 customers around New Zealand. Helping people to move more while they work and beat back pain.


About Limber
Limber is on a mission to halve disability from back pain by 2050 (currently the #1 cause of disability in the world). We’ve started by creating the world’s healthiest desks. Dynamic floor sitting and standing workspaces that make it easier to move throughout the day, building strength in our backs. Limber has over 1000 customers serving New Zealand and Australia.

For more information and to see our range of products visit:

Nick Sinclair
Limber Global Growth Officer

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