Limber Mini Reviews

Limber Mini Reviews

David Shoemack using Mini

David Shoemack

Chief of staff at Vanmoof

'My Limber mini has been truly transformational. Before I started using it I was working mainly from the kitchen table and slowly becoming more and more hunched & tight. With my Limber I'm constantly stretching and moving (good for someone who's 6'6!) - on the ground, on my knees and standing. It's also super easy to pack away out of sight at the end of the week, which is great for creating the split between work and life. I can honestly say that my energy and input has never been higher, and couldn't recommend Limber any more'. 


Bernadette Casy

Bernadette Casey

Founder at Usedfully

‘Thanks @limberdesk you have transformed my working day! I don't know how I have managed so long without a dynamic desk. During the previous lock down I started getting a sore back and arm, working from the kitchen table was not serving me well. My Limber Mini has been the best purchase. I love being able to work standing up (or sitting down), it has resolved my aches and pains and the bonus is it is a beautiful piece of furniture that we are proud to have in the house. Winning on all levels. I want one for the office now!

Carl Hammington

Carl Hammington 

Academic Director, HealthFit Collective

‘The Limber Mini has changed my life in many ways. In regards to movement, I can access all of the movement patterns I teach and practice but the difference is I'm now able to integrate them into everyday life. Meaning that I'm accessing diverse movement patterns about ten times more than previously, so I am feeling pain-free, mobile and my body composition has even improved! Besides the body I've noticed my concentration whilst working has improved and I'm able to sustain longer periods of uninterrupted work. Probably the best thing about the mini is its ease of use, I can pop it on my table to stand and work, pop it on the ground and also pack it up and slide it under my furniture, which suits my minimalist living space’. 


Jill Botterill


Jill Botterill

Quality Engineer & Service Owner at Westpac New Zealand

‘Earlier this year I hurt my back and was struggling working from my dining table at home.  I was offered a Limber mini to use, which totally transformed my working from home experience.  I can now stand while I'm working, which gives me the ability to move more during my working day.  Without even thinking about it I'm standing to work, and pacing the room while on the phone which means I'm not seized up by the end of the day.  

The Limber mini is fully adjustable with 2 shelves - 1 for my laptop and the other for my monitor.  I set it up on my dining table and adjusted both shelves so I could get the right ergonomic fit for me, but it's so easy to adjust that if others in the house also need to work they can adjust the setup for themselves in moments and it's no bother for me to put it back to how I like it.

I love the look of the blonde Birch wood and the fact that it's obtained sustainably is something I feel really good about supporting.

Without fail, people who see it stop in their tracks, check it out, and everyone loves it - you will too!’


Chris Edivy-James


Chris Edivy-James 

Founder, Reverie Video Agency

‘My new Limber Mini is awesome! With the filming I do come hours of editing. It's been great to get out of the editing chair and onto my feet at the table, or down onto the floor! The options of postures in both sitting and standing positions are seemingly endless. 

Moving the Limber Mini between the table and floor I have found easy, fostering a more active and efficient work day’.

Damian Sligo-Green

Damian Sligo-Green

Strategist at Bamboo Creative

I brought my Mini home from the office for lockdown. It is the perfect little desk really. I have it set up on the floor with a meditation cushion in the spare room and it helps my partner and I stay aware of posture and focus during sessions of work.

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