Our Newsletter Philosophy

Our Newsletter Philosophy

We take a different approach to our newsletter, so we thought you might be wondering why we do it the way that we do. Read on to get the full picture. 

#1 Our goal with the floor posture of the month newsletter is to build your floor posture confidence and give you a few insights so you can use them to your health advantage. 

You can sign up to it here.

What is in it?

We start with your "floor posture of the month"

We like things that are simple, so we profile one floor posture a month.

Plus, the best way to stay active during your workday is to work from the floor. So we want to help you along that journey. No matter if you’re new to active resting postures or you’ve been on the ground for years, we hope this segment teaches you something new and gives you more confidence in your active working journey. 

You can do our Working From the Floor Course to learn more about this too. 

We always include a song (newsletters don’t need to be boring)

Crossing time, genres and cultures. Sometimes weird, sometimes wonderful, mostly good vibes. Often with obscure connections to living the Limber Life. We hope it makes you smile. 

Song Keys (which will be in brackets after the song)

V = Vibey (69% of the songs)

B = Bold choice. You might find it quite weird, don’t worry, next month will be different (5%).

A = Anthem - classics that last the test of time (10%)

G = Gentle (15%)

H = Heavy bass, lots of it (1%)

Obs = Obscure connection to Limber (can you guess what it is? Reply to the email if if you think you know) - As much as we can link them, we will! 

Some examples: 

What's New at Limber?

Just a quick snapshot from our team to give you an update on the things that are going on at Limber.  

Back Bend Reminder

Doing back bends regularly can halve your chances of getting back pain and if you do get it, it can halve the time it takes to recover. 

At Limber our mission is to halve backpain globally by 2050. one of the easiest things we can do to reach this goal is increase the number of people doing back bends throughout the day.

After meetings, prolonged sitting, bending lifting. Bring the back bend into your daily life. 

Link to "Back Pain Relief Centre"

Back pain can be very painful and scary. So we have this segment to support you or those you know in pain by providing access to science based information, like the back pain quiz. Plus answer common questions, such as “Is my back pain serious?” or “How do I find an experienced clinician”.

And that's it! 

We like to keep it short and snappy giving you the info you need to get the most from your Limber and help you and the people you care about navigate back pain. 

Our mission is to halve back pain globally by 2050, please forward this blog or our newsletters to friends who you think will benefit or want to join this mission. 

You can sign up to our monthly floor posture newsletter here

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