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Workstation Assessments

For computer based workers.


Make workstation assessments redundant

For just $99 per person you put the power of health in your people's hands.

Empowering them with the skills and knowledge to work safely and productively from a computer at home or in the office and get a board report to show demonstrate your care.


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How it works

Make Contact & Book Workshop

Use the form below to book your team in to go through our 50 minute workstation assessment & education process.

Complete Live Online Workshop

Our Physiotherapist takes your team through the fun and engaging process as a group live online.

Receive Board Report and work healthy

Your team has the knowledge and your board receives the board paper as evidence of due diligence.

Bart de Vries


Bart de Vries

Physiotherapist, Edmund Hillary Fellow and ergonomics pioneer. Bart's knowledge of ergonomics, human health and workspace design lead him to create what UC Berkeley professors call the world's healthiest desks. His work is inspiring a new frontier of research in ergonomics and ways of working to improve people's health, productivity and reduce back pain (currently the #1 cause of lost workplace productivity).


By the end of the live online 50 minute assessment your people will have;


Meet health & safety obligations

We provide you with a board document which outlines the assessment and lists the staff who have achieved it. This provides evidence that your directors have exercised due diligence in meeting their health and safety obligations.

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