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Meet Ethically Kate

Kate is a sustainability inspirer and Limber champion who has a loyal and trusting following. She has sold over 40 Limber desks through open, honest communication with her community.

See how Kate communicates Limber.

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Key comms

The world's healthiest desks.

Limber are on a mission to halve disability from back pain by 2050 and have started by creating what UC Berkeley professors are calling " The world's healthiest desks".

Please be careful not to call Limber Desks 'standing desk'. They are so much more, we like calling them 'Dynamic Desks'.

Key One Liners:

  1. Limber desks are the world's healthiest desk, they let you move more than any other desks in the world and more movement means less pain.
  2. The best posture is the next posture, moving more at work reduces pain and increases focus and problem solving.
  3. Our backs don't need support, they need movement. Working from a space that lets you move will help you more than a chair.
  4. Take control of the space you will spend most of your working life in.

Conversation Starters

  1. How many hours a day do you spend at a desk? The average is 6 and over a 40 year career that is over 55,000 hours or 9200 work days. Is this an important space for you?
  2. How much have you invested in your bed, couch or dining area? how much time do you spend there compared to your desk?
  3. How much energy do you spend thinking about, reacting to and treating your pain? How does this impact your capacity to work?

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About Limber

After sitting, bending forwards, or lifting;

Back bend it

  1. Put your hands on lower back
  2. Keep your knees straight
  3. Breathe in and then
  4. Breathe out slowly and bend backwards as far as you are comfortable

Repeat 1-10x, and multiple times throughout the day.

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