Limber Petal Desk + Posture Course

Designed by a physiotherapist, the Limber Petal Desk + Posture Course has been recognised as "the world's healthiest desk" by academics at UC Berkeley. This desk comes with a physio led posture course to help you avoid neck and back pain and lets you enjoy increased range of motion, access to active resting postures, easy and fast height adjustments, and ergonomic features—all made in New Zealand with sustainably forested wood. You also get a cute bird headphone hanger included for free as well. 

The Limber Petal has the original petal desktop shape that is 1200mm wide by 745mm deep tapering inwards to the back. Perfect for in the corner of a room at home, or have three along the wall or 6 in a hexagonal "flower" for ultimate space efficiency.

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The best posture is the next posture.

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Limber Advantages

Brain icon

Stay in flow

Move so fast between positions you don’t even realise you changed. Feel less back & neck pain. Focus on your work, and that’s all.

Neck icon

No more crook neck

Your Limber desk comes with height adjustable single and double screen mounts included in the purchase.

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Move way more

Choose from a larger variety of positions with the only desk in the world that lets you stand, sit or kneel. More movement = less pain, more energy, more focus.

Beautiful & bountiful

Both the Petal & Linear desktop shapes provide all the workspace you need with all the cables disappeared out of sight, like magic.

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Take your desk with you

On wheels and effortless to move around the home or office. Built to fit through standard 800mm wide doorways.

New Zealand Made Logo

Do more than buy a desk...

Buy impact. Limber is Aotearoa NZ Made from sustainably forested wood and a certified social enterprise.

Double monitor mounts

Double monitor arms included

All Petal / Linear desks come with height adjustable single & double monitor arms included (for monitors up to 25 inches).

For double 26-28 inch monitors see our XL Monitor Wings.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Tian wu
I really enjoy my Limber set up.

Compared to traditional standing desks that have no wheels and rely on a power source to move up and down, the counterweight system allows me to move my set up to a different area of my room in an instant. Sometimes moving to in front of the window for some day dreaming hahaha. Thanks Limber!

Amélie Hendrickx
The overall experience as a customer is outstanding!

Sustainably sourced, NZ made, non-electrical, lovely customer service.... The overall experience as a customer is outstanding!
Switching to a limber desk has improved my posture and my back health has improved tremendously too! What I love most is that it goes right down to the floor, which is where I seem to be working the most.
As a massage therapist the amount of client I see who suffer from back issues from a desk job is unbelievable! I recommend to all of them to check out the options Limber offers. Since the limber mini came out, it's awesome too as there is an option at a lower price point.
If you can make it work, I highly recommend investing in your health. Your back and mobility will thank you!

Augusta Noble
Love, love, love Limber

I think the issue with a lot of sit to stand desks is they take too long to adjust and you just end up not doing it. Limber is so easy to move, so you can adjust it without breaking the flow of what you’re doing.

Also, forget sit to stand, this is floor to stand and everything in between. The act of just changing positions throughout the day has brought more movement into my work day. I feel like my posture has improved and I also have reduced back pain from sitting at a desk all day. I can really notice the difference between my work from home days and working in the office at a standard desk!

Love, love, love Limber and honestly, your health is worth the investment.

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Physio behind Limber

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