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See if the Limber Mini is right for you and your space. Work for 100 days and if life's not better, return it for a full refund.

1. Increase energy & reduce pain

Stand, sit or kneel

Place your physio designed Mini on a table to have a standing desk. Place on the floor to kneel, squat, or sit cross legged (10+ 'active resting' postures).

Comes with physio instructed move more at work course included (usually $200).

More movement means less back and neck pain, more energy and focus.

2. Adjustable

Made to fit your body perfectly

Avoid a sore neck, low back, shoulders and wrists by easily tilting the platforms and slide to the perfect height for your eyes and hands.

The best posture is the next posture

More movement means a happier body & more blood flow to your brain, joints and muscles. Reducing pain and boosting productivity (by up to 40%).

3. Fast assembly, easy storage

Assembles in 30 seconds

30 seconds to effortlessly set up or pack down. Have your ergonomic Limber Mini desk when you need it and hidden away when you don't.

4. Sustainable & Ethical

Lifetime Guarantee!

Made to last from sustainably forested Birch wood. Trees just like these ones in the picture. And, if it breaks we will repair or replace it.

5. More than a desk

Comes with physio instructed course & bird headphone hanger.

Get a physio instructed posture and movement course. Just add the 'working from the floor' course to your order and receive it for free at the checkout. Your headphone hanger is included in desk package.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jason Harman (Napier City, NZ)
Made for humans

I never thought I could feel so satisfied after a long workday.

Using my Limber Mini is like experiencing an extended version of yin yoga - my body feels supple, and I get that warm well-stretched feeling in my muscles during and afterwards. I used to get pins and needles, a dead ass, and stale blood pooling in my hamstrings and lower legs after sitting all day in a chair. Not anymore!

My flexibility seems to be progressing rather than regressing (which is wild considering I'm still sitting at a computer doing the same job). I recently said to my wife, 'I finally feel like I can work at a desk like a real human!"

I've combined using my Limber Mini with a Pomodoro timer and microworkouts in my breaks, now my static workday has transformed into dynamic, bite-sized productivity sessions.

nicola bird (Auckland, NZ)
Great and fast up and down.

Transformed my working from home, before it was books and other things stacked up, which could fall over etc. Haven't even really got into sitting down etc yet!

Gwax (Auckland, NZ)
Great desk

Amazing product


Do you ship internationally?

Yes. If you're in Australia & New Zealand you can buy through the website. If you are outside of New Zealand & Australia please email us your address and we will arrange delivery.

How do I get the course for free?

Add the course to your order here and a discount will be automatically applied at the checkout when you order your Mini.

Can I put a screen on the top level?

Yes, you totally can. We have people using them with screens and loving it. Check out the testimonial and see the photo of Bernadette with her screen on her Mini above.

What does "lifetime warranty" mean?

If it breaks we will fix it or replace it. This doesn’t include scratching or damage due to inappropriate use. You can view the full and friendly warranty here.

When will I get my Limber Mini?

We ship Limber Minis daily and they take 1-5 days to arrive, depending on where you are.

How sustainable is my Limber Mini?

Your Limber Mini is made from FSC certified (sustainably forested) birch wood, designed to last (to become an heirloom), made in New Zealand and we are a certified social enterprise through Akina. Sustainability is really important to us and we are doing well, but on a path to get even better.

How big is the Limber Mini? (footprint & weight)

The Mini is 900mm wide (widest platform) and 750mm high. Total depth from the front of the base to the furthest back point (the top of the trunk) is 600mm. The Limber Mini weighs 12kg.